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(Christoper James Lowles)

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July 22, 2013
  • Location: Australia
  • Birth: October 4
  • Occupation: Front-end Web Development
  • Gender: Male

Hello I'm Chris, and this is my world!!!

I'm (as of September 2014) 15 years old, been developing websites, and been creating videos for over 6 years and am on my way to being a employee at Google Australia, if not maybe a startup.

Its been quite a journey for me being who I am, after being diagnosed with average ADHD and Asbergers I find it quite hard to integrate into new situations, and with me recently moving you could notice a couple of problems coming up along the way, so and so I have been able to cope with what I'm surrounded by, often enjoying what is in front of me, because I know I probably won't get a chance to be in this limelight again.

But when I'm not talking my sap story to everyone, I'm developing things for the Internet, mostly just bips and bobs, Humble Wiki is one of them, and as you can see its going pretty well right now, cliche social networks are my drug, dunno why though.

BIG fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, now I know what your thinking; "Oh he's mentally challenged and he's playing such a violent game, hes just asking for it!!", NO I am fully capable of playing a Video Game, and not having the sudden urge to kill everyone I see, once again another cliche that Video Games are shrouded by. Fortunately I do not give f**k's about what the stats say, Yes it IS a growing trend that people are depictng video game scenes; most of them being violent ones, but its not the case for absolutely everyone who plays them.

I love video games and I will not kill people doing so, so stop harassing the damn community for doing what it loves, playing games and on occasion depicting it in real life

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